Saturday, November 24, 2007

Double Moss Stitch Brown Jacket

This lovely double moss stitch jacket is not only knitted from beautiful warm brown wool, but it is also really warm to wear as it is made from 100% unrefined wool. This jacket is one of a kind whether you wear it over a t-shirt, blouse, shirt or any other top, it will be your favorite companion during the cold winter months.

size : 14 - 16 (L - XL)


incoknito said...

lovely jacket, although I think it would be great if you can share some tips and knitting experiences with us. Etsy is for selling and blog should be more for tips/etc exchange, I think! And for free online patterns exchange too!

Great job, keep up the good work!

and why don't you try to write in croatian/bosnian/serbian ;)???
p.s visit my blog for lot of knitting links :)

Anonymous said...

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Goce said...

Great jacket, I like it very much!

Duda said...

Very, very nice. Brown is my fevorite color!